An Academic Leadership Experience

The NCF-Envirothon is a Natural Resource Encounter and Competition

The NCF-Envirothon® is an environmental and natural resources conservation problem-solving leadership experience and academic competition for secondary school (high school) students (grades 9-12 or ages 14-19) across the globe.

The NCF-Envirothon fosters student learning in the areas of aquatics, ecology, forestry, soils and land use, wildlife and current environmental issues. 


The mission of NCF-Envirothon is to educate students about the environment and conservation of natural resources through hands-on outdoor experiences, academic study and collaborative competitions.


The vision of NCF-Envirothon is to equip students with the knowledge and skills to educate others, inspire action in their local communities and promote a lifelong commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Envirothon provided an opportunity for my teammates and me to experience the applied science of conservation. The North American Envirothon competition took us out of our native “habitat” to Maryland, Missouri, and Manitoba. We matured as a team, and developed life skills and professional skills throughout. Exposure to conservation professionals from governmental agencies and NGOs at these competitions, who were doing real science outdoors and getting paid to do it, eventually led me to my academic focus and career trajectory.

Seth Harden
Indiana Envirothon Alumni

Envirothon has helped me in many ways in high school life. First, it has helped me conquer my fear of being in front of a crowd and helped me develop my self esteem. Envirothon helped me understand other things in my classes, also gave me a better understanding of TEAMWORK.

Whitney Gould
Nova Scotia Envirothon

My interest in the environment stems from my family. I would go fishing with my brother, father, and grandfather in some of the most pristine areas of Maine, near Mt. Katahdin. If you are ever lucky enough to visit Northern Maine, you would immediately understand why I became interested in environmental science. I am grateful for where I grew up, and I believe everybody should be able to enjoy nature in its purest form.

Jordan Daigle
Maine Envirothon

I think it is easy to see that conservation is a global need. We are at a time when a lot of people can identify the problems of the environment, but we are still definitely in the phase of trying to think up workable solutions and trying to scale those solutions. That is going to be a lot of work.

Frankie Lineberger
North Carolina Envirothon

Having a competition like Envirothon, you can focus your attention on environmental issues and identification in your specific region, not tested on overarching scientific principles like what is common in high school education. It reinforced my interest and showed that this knowledge is applicable and inherently valuable.

Austin Hill
Nebraska Envirothon

Envirothon fills a niche that I think very few other programs do – it has students engage with these environmental topics in a way that is inherently interdisciplinary. It links human actions, topics like farming and climate change, with the environment in a way that is both substantial and also accessible for students.

Dr. Emily Moberg
Pennsylvania Envirothon

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