Environmental education is gaining worldwide recognition for its many benefits and increasing importance in our society today. The advantages of environmental education for students are numerous and varied, including developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills, connecting classroom learning to real-world applications, fostering a sense of place and belonging, improving mental health, encouraging collaboration and teamwork, increasing community engagement, and empowering students to explore, discover, and become the great leaders of tomorrow.
The NCF-Envirothon Program covers all of these benefits and more. Environmental education has joined the ranks of traditional STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) to form E-STEM. Through the NCF-Envirothon program, students learn about local and global ecology through the application of chemistry, biology, innovative technologies, engineering practices and mathematics. The NCF-Envirothon challenges students to integrate all of these
North America’s Largest High School Environmental annual competition will be Virtual this year!
The National Conservation Foundation (NCF) Board of Trustees and the Nebraska Association of Resources Districts (NARD) announce the decision to transition the 2021 NCF-Envirothon annual competition to a completely virtual format due to the ongoing COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

To learn more, visit https://envirothon.org/

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