Interested in supporting NCF? You’ve got options!

Supporting the National Conservation Foundation allows us to grow our program support for the NCF-Envirothon and the Next Generation Leadership Institute (NGLI). It also allows us to support new programs that invest in education focused on the future of conservation.

Donations and support can be designated memorial gifts, general endowment gifts or unrestricted gifts. All gifts, regardless of size, will be recognized online and in our Annual Report. Every gift helps continue the NCF mission and supports conservation and environmental science education and leadership training.

Contributions are tax-deductible as defined by the Internal Revenue Service.

Donation Options

Twice a year, the National Conservation Foundation hosts campaigns to garner support. We welcome all friends of NCF and alumni of our programs to support with donations from $50 to $5,000. We appreciate gifts of all sizes.

Every year, the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) allows NCF, as their sister organization, to take part in their annual meeting with one evening dedicated to the NCF Annual Auction. We take donations from corporate partners, local and state conservation districts and individuals. If you are interested in donating or learning more check out the NCF Annual Auction page.

Working with our donation platform, we know that you can sign up to give a monthly or annual recurring gift. The best part is, you get to designate the amount and the frequency through the site for regular deposit! Set it and forget it!

Donations to the National Conservation Foundation can be made in memory of an individual if the family so chooses. In this event, we will send the family a list of donors and their addresses for their personal acknowledgment upon receiving memorials. All donors will receive thank you messages from NCF acknowledging their donation. If a family is interested in memorial donations, we suggest the following language: “In lieu of flowers, the family requests that gifts be designated in ______’s honor to the National Conservation Foundation, 509 Capitol Court NE, Washington, DC 20002.”

Donations are accepted via check or cash, or by credit card if done online. We can also set up a special online form for the memorial donation to accept credit cards. These donations would be listed in the honoree’s name on our website.